One day in Gitmo Nation

Source:  Producer

Author:  Scott McKenzie


From the Publisher: 

In the near future, the world stands on the edge of global governance. In less than twenty-four hours, the lives of seven different people will be forever entwined in a global conspiracy that will result in the President’s assassination. Chapter 1: A regular guy tries to board a plane at JFK International. Unfortunately for him, he has the same name as someone on the TSA watch list… Chapter 2: On the final day of summer camp, everything is going according to plan until men in white coats arrive to give the kids their flu shots… Chapter 3: A broker on his final day at work suspects he is involved in insider dealing as his client begins to profit from the day’s events… Chapter 4: A woman who developed the latest flu shot discovers a terrible secret about her work… Chapter 5: The day’s events open a teenage superstar’s eyes to the real world just before the final performance of her tour… Chapter 6: It’s just another day for a presidential aide until he becomes entwined in an assassination plot… Chapter 7: Thousands of miles away, the day’s events are intricately managed by a single person. But what is the agenda? One Day in Gitmo Nation is a fast-paced thriller based on the topics discussed on the No Agenda show, a podcast hosted by Adam Curry and John C Dvorak. That’s not to say you have to be a listener to enjoy the book. Regular listeners will be able to pick out references but this is a thriller written for everyone with the premise: what if all the conspiracy theories were true?